10 surprising things that improve your sex life

Embracing your booty

You may hate your big behind, but the chances are he secretly loves it. Although a lot of women want smaller butts, research has found that men are attracted to bigger rears because they signal a woman’s fertility.


The time when a salad was a food for girls is gone fellers, and if you want to improve your sex life you better start chomping on the green stuff. Celery releases pheromones when you eat it that turn you on, and in turn makes you more attractive to women.

Sex bans

Denying yourself for short periods will give you a great build up and when you do finally indulge, the sex will be amazing. If you can’t manage a sex ban, instead use the no-touch rule, where you can’t touch your bed buddy, unless you use a “tool”, like a scarf or a feather.

The Swiss-ball

It turns out that the most fun piece of gym equipment around can also improve your sex life. Guys, you should do Swiss-ball press-ups, whilst girls you should use the Swiss ball to do kegels and ball squeezes. This will strengthen your pelvic floor muscles.


Research suggests that the closer a couple feels to each other the more sex they have. Hugging increases your oxytocin levels – the hormone that makes us feel intimate with the person we’re hugging. So if you want more loving, get cuddling.

Although scars may make you think of pirates, apparently women love them. Men with mild facial scars were ranked as more attractive. For those guys who want a long-term girl though, scars are not the thing to go for. Women said men with scars were not marriage material.

Having another birthday

If you want better sex then it’s time to have another birthday as researchers have found that older people have better sex. They cite better body image, more confidence and a stronger relationship as being the key reasons older people have better sex.

Sucking toes

For many the thought of someone else’s feet makes them queasy, but to a lot of people feet are a big, big turn on. In fact, feet are the most popular fetish, so even if you don’t think you like your partner’s toes maybe it’s time you give them a little attention – you may be surprised.


Not many people need an excuse to tuck into some chocolate, but if you are one of those people then remember that a few squares of dark chocolate can boost both your energy levels and your mood; in turn this will improve your sex life.

Long legs

We all know that men love long legs, but it seems women like their guys to have a giraffe-like pair of pins too. People whose legs are 5% longer than average are considered more attractive. So if you want more sex invest in some high heeled shoes.

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