Ahli Politik Beligium Hina Wanita Islam Berpurdah dengan poster Bikini Lucah!

Dalam masa kita bercakap tentang politik negara, kita dikejutkan dengan tindakan puak yang dinamakan Vlaams Belang Party yang diketuai oleh Filip Dewinter.

Keparat ini adalah ahli politik di negara Belgium dan terkenal dengan slogan anti-Islam dan sekarang melancarkan kempen 'Women Against Islamization' di negara itu.

Di antara kempen puak celaka itu ialah menunjukkan gambar lucah di bawah!

Perempuan sundal jalang yang memakai bikini dan purdah di dalam gambar itu bernama An-Sofie Dewinter, anak kepada celaka ekstremis agama itu.

Di bawah adalah laporan berita tentang ekstremis celaka bernama Filip Dewinter dan anak sundal neliau, An-Sofie Dewinter :

The report said, the provocative image is likely to inflame tensions among Islamic groups and nationalists in racially-divided Belgium.

The poster shows  the words ‘Vrijheid of Islam?’ (Freedom or Islam?) written on a red bar.

At the bottom, across the crotch is written ‘Durven Kiezen!’ (You choose).

The extremist Vlaams Belang party says it wants to convince women to take a stand against Islam.The polotician’s daughter said: ‘I’ve suggested (the poster) myself, I have learned to live with it but I have had everything up to death threats made at me.

’She said that she ‘ wanted to make this statement.’She added: ‘What is the greatest contrast with a niqab? Nude. The campaign fits in perfectly with how I feel about the whole issue . As women, we must choose: freedom or Islam.

’The teenager claimed that she had been threatened by Muslim groups.She added: ‘Death threats and criticism no longer scare me off.’

Her father, the party’s leader, said: ‘Women are always the first victims of Islam. We want to make clear that they have a choice.
The thing is the stupid girl is not even a muslim! What did she know about Islam teaching?

Sebagai seorang muslim, MiM mengutuk sekeras-kerasnya tindakan puak di Belgium dan di mana-mana termasuk negara kita yang mempermain-mainkan kesucian agama Islam.

Dr. Mim

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