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Look at your notebook. Is it too slow for your on the go needs? Do you want something fast and furious when you’re on the go? Then why not take a look at the Samsung Series 7 CHRONOS Notebook? This is Samsung’s latest premium series notebook that delivers state-of-the-art speed for ultimate productivity on the go.

The Samsung Series 7 CHRONOS is encased in a stunningly thin compact aluminum chassis and is powered by Intel Core i5 and the ExpressCache™ technology which provides an extra 8GB flash memory on its motherboard for a faster start-up and a more powerful performance with Samsung’s unique Quick Boot technology. You can expect insane fast speeds on this notebook!

In addition to exceptional speed, the Series 7 CHRONOS Notebook is also equipped with Samsung’s latest ‘MAX screen’ technology comprised of a 14” display. This feature allows maximum user experience without sacrificing on mobility, portability and price.

The performance of the Series 7 CHRONOS Notebook is further enhanced by the notebook’s extended battery life. In addition to the battery life of up to 8 hours on a single charge, Samsung’s Battery Life Plus technology keeps 80% of the cell’s original capacity in a life cycle lasting up to 1,500 charging cycles.
The inclusion of an AMD Radeon HD6750M graphics card makes films, games and multimedia much more enjoyable with faultless playback. Samsung’s SoundAlive™ technology promises that audio playback matches the visual quality to provide a mesmerizing audiovisual experience. Users can also use an inbuilt 1.3mp HD webcam to keep in touch with friends and family, all in crystal clear clarity.

The Series 7 CHRONOS Notebook has been designed with an eye-catching style to complement its stunning performance. The durable casing gives the Series 7 CHRONOS Notebook an exclusive, sophisticated look while maintaining added protection. Thin, compact and it weighs just 2.05kg (4.54lbs) while the 14” product weighs 2.17kg (4.8lbs) both products are only 23.9mm thick.

Samsung has also included two pieces of software designed to improve the user experience. Easy Migration enables simple, guided data migration from the user’s previous PC to their Series 7 CHRONOS Notebook using either a USB connection, Wired LAN or WiFi network. Samsung’s Control Center also allows full control over the features on your PC, ensuring the user can manage their device and the way they use it.

Want to get yourself your very own CHRONOS notebook?

Check out http://www.samsung.com/my for more information!

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